About and Contact

Charlotte is a London-based illustrator. She works mainly with ink and stays in monochrome colours to create true-to-life illustrations, usually inspired by nature, mythology, animals and her general surroundings.  Deeply inspired by biology, science and the universe does she pull her daily inspiration also from spiritual and mystical sources. Charlotte has a deep-rooted passion for hyper-realism, surrealism, architecture, fashion and graphic design.
Studying Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London (London College of Communication), Charlotte is increasing her understanding of illustration, graphic design and art.
Her work is pushed into new areas – such as layout and graphic design, sculpturing as well as the digital manipulation of her drawings. She gained confidence in using several Adobe Programmes – as for instance Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, as well as got an understanding of analogue creative methods as screenprinting, bookbinding, etching and relief processes.

She is always open for new opportunities and is looking forward to expanding her skills.


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