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Zoo Trip

The day we went to the zoo with our course I expected many things to feel once I entered the zoo things like anger and sadness, but nostalgia and joy were things that surprised me.

I was nervous when I arrived there I did not wanted to be there seeing the animals behind the bars, restricted in there room and disconnected to their natural conditions and habitat. Even though I was trying to say open minded I was surprised about the nostalgia: remembering maybe one of my first visits at a zoo ever. Certainly I saw myself walking next to my mother, holding one of her hands, the other is carrying  my little baby sister, passing cages with monkeys, tiger, Zebras and Lions. I was amazed that those animals really existed. I loved this magical place where there where my toys in real size and in life. I felt pure joy.
Today I have more mixed feelings about this place. Obviously there is the aspect of the nostalgia, the good memories of my childhood, the time I spend with my family careless and happy. But now I think of different things, I think about the ethnics of the zoo, the feeling of the animals that pass the metal bars every day, disconnected to their roots and real life.
I went though some change, however, I feel like the animals did not. In the zoo the time seem to stand still, animals walk in circles, lay sleeping on the floor and eat at the same time… I was sad. I felt deeply sad and could not help my self but enjoyed the stay at the same time. never have I ever felt to divided.

nostalgia week 6


Here are some imtressions of my second outcome the candy cane which possible again every child had/tried/ate or at least saw ones in thier life, candy cane is  as it already sais a cane-shaped stick made out of sugar that is hardly connected to the christmas time and to Saint Nicholas Day. It is normaly white with red striped and flavored with peppermint, but there are in fact some variations in green-red-white and different flavours.

The orgin of the cand cane is German, more precice colone, however I have to admit that I never tryed one, even though I am German. I guess it was since my mother was strickly angainst those very sugary sweets. But that did not make me less intersted in it. I tasted the forbidden fruit (or acctually until the present day I have never tried one), I was so interrested in it.

For me thinking of a candy cane is less about the cane but more about the time with my family, this feeling of a perfect day on christmas eve (even though everytime something went wrong… like the tree fell or I lost a gift because I hid it befor the feast). Nostalgia is everywhere, disturbing the memories making them sweeter than they where… cloase to sickly sweet.

or bitter sweet since I know that the christmas eves of my childhood will be always better than the ones of my adult hood.

After finsihing my second outcome out of the series nostalgia did I continue with the third one, buyinng the object, designing the lable, taking the shots and starting to disturbe the image on illustartor.


nostalgia week 5

Here are some imtressionsof my first outcome the paper fortune teller which possible every child had or at least used ones in thier life, a paper fortune teller is a  Origami like paper construction that is suppost to tell the future. It can be also called a cootie catcher, a chatterbox, a salt cellar, a whirlybird, or a paku-paku.

Some of the sections of this paper device are coloured in the four main coloures: red, blue, yellow and green. there are however some variations where these are switched with numbers or symboles,. Theinside are made of eight flaps, that hold a massag/info/ answer to the person asking a question to the paper fortune teller.

After finsihing my first outcome out of the series nostalgia did I continue with the second one, taking the shots and starting to disturbe the image on illustartor.



nostalgia week 4

nostalgia week 3




Scanner experiment > Glitch and distortion of memories we recall

The nostalgia we experience is often a past that did not exist(at least not exactly the way our nostalgia version suggest) also adds to the difficulty of grabbing onto grasping the meaning of this term. Nostalgia is “between the head and heart” it is both cerebral and visceral.


What Glitch is better? I prefer the following one not the too sharp one the one on the bottom are my favourites, not to wiggled and shaky not to disturbed so that you could not understand what is depicted.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 22.57.47.png

They remind me of the clocks fro Dali: The Persistence of Memory:

Experimentation with online glitching tool and photographs:

I don’t like the computer like appearance, V not human enough to rough edges.

Inspiration by Tattoo artist Louis.loveless:

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 14.46.19.png

I prefer the rounder lines and edges. v own experimentation

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More experimentation with own illustartion in Illustrator

Insert Object > Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mash > select and pulling of points to create wanted distortion/glitch