nostalgia week 3



Scanner experiment > Glitch and distortion of memories we recall

The nostalgia we experience is often a past that did not exist(at least not exactly the way our nostalgia version suggest) also adds to the difficulty of grabbing onto grasping the meaning of this term. Nostalgia is “between the head and heart” it is both cerebral and visceral.


What Glitch is better? I prefer the following one not the too sharp one the one on the bottom are my favourites, not to wiggled and shaky not to disturbed so that you could not understand what is depicted.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 22.57.47.png

They remind me of the clocks fro Dali: The Persistence of Memory:

Experimentation with online glitching tool and photographs:

I don’t like the computer like appearance, V not human enough to rough edges.

Inspiration by Tattoo artist Louis.loveless:

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 14.46.19.png

I prefer the rounder lines and edges. v own experimentation

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 14.44.59.png

More experimentation with own illustartion in Illustrator

Insert Object > Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mash > select and pulling of points to create wanted distortion/glitch


7 – Trip 2

On the 31st of May, we had a second planned trip with our tutor group, to Margate.

When we arrived after a 1.45-hour journey from Victoria at Margate Leigh showed us around Margate telling us the town’s history. The small sea city that belongs to Kent was originally a holiday destination with its beaches and especially its pleasure park Dreamland. Not a surprise this a huge part of the city and shaped its infrastructure and architecture but not everything. There was a part of the town wich I did not expect, the art side. This art side presents itself in the form of galleries, workshops, studios but also shops and cafes.

The first thing we visited was Leigh’s studio, where he showed us his most reached work still wet, in the making and unfinished: 3 keys and some painted dartboards. He told us how he is fascinated by the cities history and how it inspires him. Then he showed us his collection, holding some impressive pieces of a difrent artist.

After this, we visited the studio of another artist, which told us about the space and how they developed the studios and their further plans with the building LIMBO.

After another visit to another studio, we ended at the Turner Contemporary, which sits directly on the sea exhibiting a show called ‘every day is a new day’, featuring the two artists Michael Armitage, and Phyllida Barlow. The show prizes the importance of art and its impact on the world, with a focus on its positive value and aspects. It was a very engaging and playfull exhibition which also formed a part fore a group of primary school children that created work for a part of the show.

the visit was very informative, and during my way back home I tried to convert some of the expressions of this weird and beautiful town into some sketches, not sure what I should think about the place.


8 – Text to image

On the 10th of May, we had a session on Text with Leigh in the studio.

We read an extract of Ian Breakwell’s diary extracts, choose one of the log entries and talk about what we imagine, why we think it is a substantial piece and how we could illustrate it. I wanted a story of a woman walking around in an art gallery in the 70s with a long-haired dachshund pulling on her trouser leg. See the excerpt from the full story:


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 21.39.12

When I read the story the first time I was immediately drawn to words it, the imagery was so stong; I saw the carpet and the brown dog, I saw the woman through the windows inspecting the art. I imagined a mid-age working/business woman who had two children and the dog was a present for them, but now she is stuck with it. However she is continuing with her work not caring about one more thing she has to care for, she still puts on her heels in the morning and walking from gallery to gallery sinking in the thick carpets, dragging the dog behind her.

When I drew the image, I decided that it needs colour since the text was so clear on that, at least regarding the trouser suit.

I think I Realty step out of my comfort zone with this piece, showing a more humerus piece rather than serious topics which I usually address. I do not know if I would continue or revisit this article but I am glad that I am done the piece, so I know now I could develop this style further.


5 -The objective drawing session in the studio

As part of a drawing exercise, we had to be in an object. Withis object did we then arrange among some other objects of students to draw them in several of ways. For example:

  • We only looked at the objects and not on the pencil or paper.
  • We only looked on the paper and not on the object.
  • We drew the objects in one line.
  • We drew the objects only with straight lines.
  • We focused on perspective.

The purpose of the exercise was – from my point of view – to shift our perspective from the visible through ward the uncommon. Though this exercise we might find ourselves in areas which were unusual and unique for us but only because we never thought about doing those things, or because we thought we couldn’t do these things.


However for me personal was it quite dull and boring and I did not feel like I could challenge or grow in any way through the exercise. But it was still interesting to see the work of others but especially the objects they brought in from lamps to ropes, to shoes and skulls there was everything.



4 – Moving Image

On the 16th of March, we received another brief titled as ‘Mobile Phone Video’.

The task was to make a video which either followed a narrative or was abstract in its meaning; the only took we needed was our mobile device with the Adobe Premiere Clip app on it.

Receiving a particular colour and capturing this colour in as many 15 to 20 second videos as possible, which we then at the end edit together to one coherent video. The goal of the video was to make us learn to ‘identify ‘visuality’ fitting to purpose’.

We were then asked to edit the video further and publish it on our blog.

I had the colour blue. Walking around London, taking the tube and going familiar ways spotting and identifying the colour around me. Surprised by the way, I looked at my environment. The colour blue seems to pop ut of the crowd of colours, blue, blue and bluer everywhere. It seems to me as there was everything blue…. I was blue, and I felt blue.

I later edit the video and overlayed it with the sound of rain and thunder to create this feeling and atmosphere of blue. I associate the colour blue with water, calm water, wild water, rain and thunder.

Starting with the gentle sound of dabbling water transforming into a thunder storm which is so common in London and this time of the year, summing up my feelings of the day and the melancholy I felt.



The Lea Valley

As a part of a drawing exercise we (my tutor and the group) visited the Lea Valley in London, the river Lea is located in East London in the Lea Valley. The group visisted the Valley on the 3 of May. However, I could not attand this session and went on another day to re-do the drawing exercise.

Guieded by Leigh’s Odd Guide, I walked around the Lea Valley exploring the area and its history. I drawed and doccumented my way through the place, looking at the environment and art. I found many objects and places that catched my eyes and was surprided by the art that I found; Figurs, old taxis and wierd objects.


I setched and drew much during my stay there and created a piece which summed up my collective experiance. shoing the art but also random objets such as wier and buildings and a sign.

Kind of breaking my normal style and working on the skills I learnd of the previous briefs, I think that the way I converted a broad and multi image jouny into one piece is very intresting, especially in documenting and storry telling. I think it is a great way to show in one image the experiance I had during a whole day, and gives the audience a good insigt what they can expect in this area of london.