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Week six started with me rethinking my ideas and the concepts I initially thought about. I felt less drawn towards the idea of the illustration of the German proverbs and sayings that did not exist in English. This dislike against the topic already existed during the second week after I have taken the pictures of the painted chess figure (turning something negative into something positive). The whole theme seemed too forced, too wanted and considered, in comparison with the “Schwarzmalen” which came so naturally to me. After many tries to illustrate other sayings, which all stayed rather unsuccessful, I was thinking to use the chess figures as a second image. I thought about an altar-like the composition with one white king to the left and a black one to the right of the first image, but then I decided to drop the topic completely and to focus only on the “Schwarzmalen”. I wanted to explore the topic of this negativity, emptiness further, without drawing more cards and repeat what I did in the first image. I decided to illustrate the paintremains from the 100 painted cards. I liked the idea of drawing nothing, only the remains, the by-product of something else.
I started the drawing as the previous one: stretching the paper, taking the pictures, editing them and creating a file on photoshop file 1:1 to the paper. This would be my reference image. The image spans the same space as the four cards do. The inside of the paint remains so big that one card fits exactly in it. However, different to the cards did this piece not have a logical way of drawing it, so to say focused and to stay on time I divided the drawing into 22 sections (the numbers of days I had until the crit). I decided to finish a section a day to be done by the 10th of May (the crit date which was later moved to the 15th of May).


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