After three weeks of work, I started the fourth and last card, next to ‘Orchid Blossom’ and under the Green one. This card called ‘Lightest Sky’ took much longer to prepare than the others, because it had so many details. The measuring and transferring of the outlines of the rough edges onto the paper took me most of the time.
The second half, the black sections when a lot easier at this point, since they were quite the same in all cards and I got used to the structure and needed less double checking with those elements. As for the previous one did I start at the bottom part and worked clockwise to the top. I decided the card roughly in four quarters and drew in each the most difficult elements first and then the easier ones. This was the best method for me since I needed much more focus for the splatter and brush marks and once I felt tired or less focused, I moved on to the darker areas that were less complicated.
Once I was finished with each of the biro cards, I removed the protection sheets that I have put on each card ones they were finished (to protect the image but also to stay focused). After that, I moved on to the coloured parts.


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