The third card was the green one next to the ‘Peony’ one. It began the same way as the two previous ones with the preparation, measuring and pre-drawing. However due to the size of the paper and the limited space I had in my flat, was the
only way to draw the other two cards to flip the table top, because I did not want to turn the paper because it was taped onto the table and I did not want to move it.
So instead of working from top to bottom, I
worked from the bottom to the top of the card. However, I have not change the rest of the process, preparation and pre-drawings and then working f
rom section to section.
With the sections with the third one, I had to work again from brush mark to brushmark instead of creases because the card was not divided by any. The tricky point was to stay track of the lines and to spare highlights in the black paint.

A major problem I faced was the time each of the individual card drawings took, and since all the ballpoint parts were mainly black and took me very long. I quite struggled with this aspect sitting on the whole image already longer than 78 hours.
This is when I realised that I could not produce a larger series of drawings (more than two) and focused on the main motive ‘Schwarzmalen’.


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