Each of the cards started the same way:
I used the photoshop file in the dimensions 1:1 of the paper and measured and transferred the outlines and primary elements with a pencil onto the paper.
The second image was the ‘Orchid Blossom’ coloured one which was under the ‘Peony’ one. I started it the same as the first I worked from top to bottom. I also drew the brush pattern on the edges first in each section to ensure that I would not confuse parts and draw over the edges. The sections of this one where much bigger than the first one, because one crease was in the middle and the bottom part was not creased at all. I would look for significant brushmarks that were darker or lighter to stay focused and draw the right part. But I still used the actual card because even though that I worked from a high-resolution image some parts were to flat and on the real card it was easier to figure out if something went down or up, needed to be darker or lighter.Something I did to all cards was to add a Layer of light circled over the top. This technique made the parts look more like they belong together. It also was a technique to bland the individual brush together and add shadows or highlights. For shadows, I had to build up several layers over each other of highlights I had to leave parts out.


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