I stated the Schwarzmalen picture with the top left drawing the ‘Peony’ coloured one. I began with the drawing the outlines and details with pencils onto the paper. I based everything one the photoshop file that I have previously created in the dimensions 1:1 to get dimensions right. Once that was done I started to measure each crease, splatter and brush movement of the black paint. After I had finished the preparation and pre-drawing, I started with the actual drawing. I moved from the top to the bottom of the card and from the most out parts to the inside. I worked in sections, I one section began for example at the top of the card and went all the way to the next crease in the paper. I moved like that over the paper all the way to the bottom.
It was, in general, easier to first draw the spatter pattern on the edges of the paint and then to fill in the rest of the drawing. I also decided to finish first all of the ballpoint parts of all cards and then move on to the coloured pencil parts.
Because one of the problems with using a biro for drawing is that it can smudge when the pen did not dry completely, So once I finished a part I covered it with paper to make sure it is protected from smudging but also other things.


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