The Lea Valley

As a part of a drawing exercise we (my tutor and the group) visited the Lea Valley in London, the river Lea is located in East London in the Lea Valley. The group visisted the Valley on the 3 of May. However, I could not attand this session and went on another day to re-do the drawing exercise.

Guieded by Leigh’s Odd Guide, I walked around the Lea Valley exploring the area and its history. I drawed and doccumented my way through the place, looking at the environment and art. I found many objects and places that catched my eyes and was surprided by the art that I found; Figurs, old taxis and wierd objects.


I setched and drew much during my stay there and created a piece which summed up my collective experiance. shoing the art but also random objets such as wier and buildings and a sign.

Kind of breaking my normal style and working on the skills I learnd of the previous briefs, I think that the way I converted a broad and multi image jouny into one piece is very intresting, especially in documenting and storry telling. I think it is a great way to show in one image the experiance I had during a whole day, and gives the audience a good insigt what they can expect in this area of london.




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