8 – Text to image

On the 10th of May, we had a session on Text with Leigh in the studio.

We read an extract of Ian Breakwell’s diary extracts, choose one of the log entries and talk about what we imagine, why we think it is a substantial piece and how we could illustrate it. I wanted a story of a woman walking around in an art gallery in the 70s with a long-haired dachshund pulling on her trouser leg. See the excerpt from the full story:


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 21.39.12

When I read the story the first time I was immediately drawn to words it, the imagery was so stong; I saw the carpet and the brown dog, I saw the woman through the windows inspecting the art. I imagined a mid-age working/business woman who had two children and the dog was a present for them, but now she is stuck with it. However she is continuing with her work not caring about one more thing she has to care for, she still puts on her heels in the morning and walking from gallery to gallery sinking in the thick carpets, dragging the dog behind her.

When I drew the image, I decided that it needs colour since the text was so clear on that, at least regarding the trouser suit.

I think I Realty step out of my comfort zone with this piece, showing a more humerus piece rather than serious topics which I usually address. I do not know if I would continue or revisit this article but I am glad that I am done the piece, so I know now I could develop this style further.



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