5 -The objective drawing session in the studio

As part of a drawing exercise, we had to be in an object. Withis object did we then arrange among some other objects of students to draw them in several of ways. For example:

  • We only looked at the objects and not on the pencil or paper.
  • We only looked on the paper and not on the object.
  • We drew the objects in one line.
  • We drew the objects only with straight lines.
  • We focused on perspective.

The purpose of the exercise was – from my point of view – to shift our perspective from the visible through ward the uncommon. Though this exercise we might find ourselves in areas which were unusual and unique for us but only because we never thought about doing those things, or because we thought we couldn’t do these things.


However for me personal was it quite dull and boring and I did not feel like I could challenge or grow in any way through the exercise. But it was still interesting to see the work of others but especially the objects they brought in from lamps to ropes, to shoes and skulls there was everything.




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