4 – Moving Image

On the 16th of March, we received another brief titled as ‘Mobile Phone Video’.

The task was to make a video which either followed a narrative or was abstract in its meaning; the only took we needed was our mobile device with the Adobe Premiere Clip app on it.

Receiving a particular colour and capturing this colour in as many 15 to 20 second videos as possible, which we then at the end edit together to one coherent video. The goal of the video was to make us learn to ‘identify ‘visuality’ fitting to purpose’.

We were then asked to edit the video further and publish it on our blog.

I had the colour blue. Walking around London, taking the tube and going familiar ways spotting and identifying the colour around me. Surprised by the way, I looked at my environment. The colour blue seems to pop ut of the crowd of colours, blue, blue and bluer everywhere. It seems to me as there was everything blue…. I was blue, and I felt blue.

I later edit the video and overlayed it with the sound of rain and thunder to create this feeling and atmosphere of blue. I associate the colour blue with water, calm water, wild water, rain and thunder.

Starting with the gentle sound of dabbling water transforming into a thunder storm which is so common in London and this time of the year, summing up my feelings of the day and the melancholy I felt.




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