3 – flipbook

The flip book aka. Brief 3

On the 13th of March, we received the next small brief titled as ‘Flip Book’.

We were asked in this brief to create a flipbook either A7 or smaller, in the colour scheme black and white, if basic colour but more limited in this area. There was no limit of pages, but every page had to be hand illustrated/drawn, and the aim of the book was to promote ourselves as an artist.

I struggled with this task not particularly with the job to crate a flip book – although I thought that to create a flowing and coherent stream of images with illustrations you need more time and resources. But with the topic I had my difficulties, to promote myself as an artist…. what does that mean? Who am I as an artist and illustrator… what is my creative service?

I regularly illustrate, inspired by mostly by nature, stories and my surroundings. I draw realistic and very detailed, I keep going for hours and hours to create the best results, drifting into the dark of my own mind floating between the fantastic and the real.

Which is how I came to the idea to feature a jellyfish in my flipbook, a creature so unique but so simple, only feeding the minimum to stay alive but in its structure not comparable to any other animal. Thier live span is between a few hours, to days to immortal.

Applied to myself does that mean to me and my art is it supposed to show that I work flexible on small but also big projects, time might but not necessarily have to play a role I focus on what is important and get myself completely into a project.

My flipbook shows a jellyfish swimming in the picture and out again, and if the audience wants this form, a loop was again and again never stoping.







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