Research and development Si-Project

Starting with a new project called SI (short for Self-Initiated Project)

The project titled ‘Brief 5 Self Initiated Brief’ is the project of the unit called ‘Application 2 ’. The submission date of the project is set on Thursday the 15th of June 2017 at 4.00pm GMT. The brief asks us to produce a body of work inspired and based on a personally choosen topic and self-written project. We are supposed to use our illustartion/art style to either take a speciffic self-choosen subject or process further,  in order to positioning ourselfs more in our field of work such as illustartion, photography, fine art, sculpuring and so on.

The project is based around us; we had to analise our own working habits and fields of intrest, so that we could work and succseed on this projec. The Unit was devided into different briefs in order to help us to decide what we like/dislike, want to do and do not want to do. Everything with the aim to produce a strong piece of work which matters for us, reprents us and interst us.

Through the whole process we had to evaluate ourselfs, examine how we thought about the diferent smal briefs, workshops and reflecting on our own choosen self-initialted project (what went well and/or badly, what you have learned and how your practice has been challenged and/or expanded by the brief/project).

The 1rst part of the brief we focused on small one-day briefs:

0. WORKOUT for the eyes

1 Drawing brief

2 Zine Brief (link)

3 Flipbook Brief (link)

4 Mobile brief (link)

5. The objective drawing session in the studio

6. Trip 1

7. Trip 2

8. Text to Image

We had to build a understanding of our own intrest, reserching topic and backgrounds of our skills and fiels, testisng diferent methodes and techneques.

After those we had to concider what we want to do for the main part of the project for the topic and especially the outcome. Organising ourselfs, planning and managing tools, space and matreials.

From here I started to research what intersests me, artists, tools and materials.

After receiving the main brief and completing the small briefs, I brainstormed my ideas and fields of intrest. I felt drawn towards many topics but I knew that I want to work as realistic as possibe and put some of the feedback I receaved after the Catalyst project in acction. One of Leighs main coments was that he would like t see my detaild artwork in bigger scale and that was what I aimd for. I started to look at different examples of photorealisic artwork and other practitionists auch as, CJ Henry, CJ and LUCIE BIRANT. After I sorted the broad outlines, I start to think about the topic of the drawings, and experimented with dirferent papers and drawing mateials.

I decided to produce a a serie of lage drawings with biro ispired by some actions and events that took place in my easter break.

Research during my spring break (17.03 – 17.04) and events that took place within that time:

15th till 20th March Paris

21st till 29th March Hannover

28th March midnight Grandmother had to go in the Hospital in the night with an abulance

29th March some prople break in in the house of my grandmothere and roob paintings, jewelly and money, my mother calls me to tell me that my grandmother is in the hospital.

30th March my mother calls me to tell me about the break in

1st of April Gabriel is moving in

2nd of April I trouw boiling water over my leg and burn my whole right upper leg

4th of April my 16 yer old sister get diagnosed with a tumor in her thiroid, my black goldfish ‘noctus’ died

7th of April the mother of my boyfriend was set on fire in a bar and has first and second degree burnts in her face, on her chest and on her hands.

9th till 13th of April my sister comes to london

18th of April my sister’s surgery with the result of cancer in er theroid and a following 2nd surgery

19th of April after a night on the intesnsive care unit she is transferd in a normal hospital room, waiting for the results of the biobsy (if the cancer has spred in the lymph notes and if further treatment is necessary)

24th of April the test results show that the cancer has spread and that my sister needs further treatment in form of a radiojodtherapy.

Drawing exercise, scetchbook and topic narrowing:

Studio Drawing exercise:

Experimamtetion and testing with/of pape and three diferent pencils (biro,Rotring and UniPen):


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