The Showpiece

The project of the century: in defiance of storm and rain succeeded the covering of the Berlin ‘Reichstag’ building in Summer 1995. The architecture becomes a sculpture, the monument of German history becomes a myth.

The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude create with their piece “Verhüllter Reichstag”, Berlin, 1971-95 a great masterpiece which costs over 11 Milion Mark and needed 1500 Helper to be realised.

The wrapping/covering material is 100 000 square meter silver shining textile which was thrown over the whole building and then tied up with an approximately 15-kilometre long blue string. Everything was then weighted down by around 1000 tonnes of iron bars – but non of those numbers can tell about the actual power of the compleated artwork. Figures and facts fade versus the play of the wind in the folds of the textile and light of the bright sunlight on the covered ornaments.


From a sketch to reality:


Das Glanzstück

Christo: “Wrapped Reichstag (Project for West Berlin – ‘Der Deutsche Reichstag’)”, Collage 1972, 22 x 28″ (56 x 71 cm)



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