WORKOUT for the eyes 

It is important to stay in practice, it is important to train, and it is important to test the unknown. That was the purpose of today’s exercises in the studio workshop:

Using a view finder and create several of sketches:

Five illustrations of corridors, which we find visually appealing
Five unusual surfaces (walls, tables, floors, etc.)
Five examples of text
Five continuous line drawings
Five pictures using a ruler and a pen
and five sketches using just shapes and colours.

From there we were supposed to merge them into one big piece.

The purpose of this task is to get us out of our comfort zone, to expand our horizons and widen the range of our skills. The outcomes were surprisingly different, the time limit is critical in this process, due to it did not allow any deep thinking.


On the following Monday, we had the chance to recreate the final piece. However, our outcome had to show at least three of the previous drawings combines into one new piece.  I decided to draw a designer chair inspired by the chairs in the studio, on the tiled floor of the corridor and a coloured line parallel to the floor.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 18.01.18

I am overall satisfied with my outcome. However, I found this task not very useful for my own practice and work, because I worked before with a viewfinder and am quite confident with proportions and different drawing techniques and methods.



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