When I started this project I talked a lot to my tutor Juliet, what she plans to have as advertisements and graphic design elements for her pop-up show. Also what kind of content she had in mind. After a while, I was really sure about the fact that I want to make posters or/and flyers for the show. In several sessions and together with my research about the pioneers, sellers, Oregon trail and of course the Wendigo I started to sketch. The designs showed in general elements, objects and plants that the travellers might have found on their journey.

I drew bird, deer and hare skulls among human and animal jaws and bones and teeth. I also included a pair of antlers and some botanical illustrations from plants and herbs. The plan was to show what the settlers might get with them and what the found on their way. They were just able to buy things at one shop at the beginning of their journy, this food, alcohol, medicine and so on had to least until the end of the journey. So it was vital to be resourceful with the proviant, the only chance to add something to the stock was to find things to the right and left of the trail.

I wanted to imply the idea of the Wendigo my poster, but without spoiling the story, so I collected different ideas of his appearance, for some it was a human being, for some, he had a deer skull and antlers, for my to Juliet it had a bird head. The variations were in infinite, and I tried to include them all. Which resulted in a very vague description of a fantastical creature which might exist or no the audience could draw its own picture of the depicted without Juliet or me saying it is real or not.

I tried my best to include bits and pieces from the story into the poster design such as the jackrabbit skull, the wendigo-bird-head picture of Juliet, the human jaw implying the cannibalistic aspect of the story as well as the teeth and also the more typical image of the Wendigo with the deer skull and antlers.

My first try to convert this idea was a black and white sketch. However, after Juliet send us her colour schemes I thought about colouring the illustrations to give them more depth and a related look at the pop-up book. After I had finished this design, I caught up with my tutor, and we both agreed on the fact that especially the front of the book did not fit to the story at all. So she started thinking about changing it. Another thing was that we both thought that especially the flowers still looked too pretty in comparison to the feel of the story.





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