The Little Vampire Dog


Once upon a time on a warm spring day, a little dog was born, his coat was silver grey and he had one blue and one brown eye. All this was nothing unusual, but yet he knew he was different from his brothers and sisters. Not one of them had the huge canine teeth he had, shiny and white did they stick out of his jaw and every human he met was scared of him. They screamed he was a demon, threw things at him and soon he was the only left.  After a while he decided to leave his mother and not be a burden to her anymore, he ran into the forest and sought shelter between the roots, weeping himself to sleep every night.

Time passed and he made friends, the helpful mice which were not afraid of him – it seemed in general that no animal was scared of him but humans. Despite everything he was fascinated by them and the mice told him stories about homes, in which there was plenty of food, soft carpets and fireplaces to warm oneself. There was nothing more the little dog wished for than one of these homes.

As the leaves turned from green to orange, the wind whispered it was time to hide from the biting cold winter, the little dog knew he had to find a warm home soon or he would freeze to death. He decided to see and consult the wise old owl and the owl prophesied he would find a home on the last day of the tenth month of this year after three doors.

As the time came the little dog strode off to the close town. By the time he crossed the old bridge which spanned over the end of the river Ogmore he meets two black cats that scoffed at the little homeless dog, but he replied with confidence you will see after three doors I will find a home and he carried on. When he arrived at the town it was twilight, he heard screams and laughter and he saw pumpkin heads in front every door as they were performing sentry duty. They darted angry glances at him – they seemed to blaze and bathe the houses in orange flames, he was scared to come close, but he builds up his courage and came forward to the first door.

He scratched and barked a while and then the door was wide open – a scream rang out and the door snapped shut as fast as it was opened. But the little dog did not give up yet, the owl said after three doors so he carried on.  He whimpered and the door opened, he started to wag his tail but he just heard an ear-splitting scream and a sound of the one of thunder when the door shut. Not yet there did the little dog think and brace himself up for the next door because the owl said after three doors he would find his home. With a smart pace, he headed off to the third door and repeated the procedure, but again the door snapped as soon it was opened left the dog alone in the dark just with the echoing of the last cry of fear.

Sad did he step away from the doorstep, from far away he heard the sound of the town church bells 12 times, the day was over. The owl must have made a mistake, no one wants such an ugly dog as he was one. Hisback started to shiver with cold, but when he was about to cross the bridge he stopped. Twenty-four shadows appeared out of nowhere, the little dog hid under a tree and heard their  shuffling, gasping and cankering breath. They left by without leaving a mark in anything not even a wisp of wind. The little dog saw how the shadows draw closer to someone that seemed to be a little girl, she screamed in fear and     tried to run but the creature encircled her.     What is a little girl doing so late outside? Thought the dog but he knew he had to help her, so he braced up, stepped forward and stood in front of her. He started to bare his teeth and grow at the shadows which let go of the girl and flew into the dark night.

However, the little dog held his head down shuddering from the cold, he did not want to scare the girl, but she just lifted him up and looked him in the eye “thank you little Vampire dog!”. And the dog looked at her thunderstruck, she had the same teeth as he had and he knew she was like him and he was not alone and wagged his tail. The girl laughed and pressed him to her chest ‘If you want little Vampire dog you can come with me’ and certainly, it was not cold anymore and the girl dropped him back to the ground and the little dog walked together with her over the bridge in the night  and disappeared, from now on never alone anymore.

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