How to write a Fairy Tale

Common Characteristics


  • unspecified place
  • unspecified time often set in the past usually significantly long ago


  • archetypal characters (no specific names)
  • typically incorporate clearly defined good characters and evil characters


  • focuses on a problem or conflict that needs to be solved
  • protagonist leaves home
  • extreme conditions (beauty, riches, poverty etc.)
  • Involves magic elements, which may be magical people, animals, objects, or
  • magic spells Magic may be positive or negative
  • may include objects, people, or events in threes (three battles, three tasks
  • hero has bad luck
  • the hero must fight a villain
  • hero meets magical helpers
  • the hero is treated badly
  • the hero is in danger
  • the villain is punished
  • the hero is rewarded with a happy marriage
  • a transformation, either a physical transformation (e.g., the beast turns into a handsome prince) or a character transformation (e.g., the ugly duckling turns out to have been a swan all along)


  • morality (good vs. bad, good is rewarded and evil is punished)
  • usually teach a lesson or demonstrate values important to the culture


  1.  Who is the hero or heroine?
  2. Who is the villain?
  3. What is the magical element of the story?
  4. Where will the story take place?
  5. What lesson will the story teach?
  6. What is the story plot?
  7. What is the happy ending?


Animals with ‘scary features’ are still refused to be adopted because people believe they  bring bad luck or are hunted:

This Black Cat With Vampire Teeth Will Seduce You Into Loving the Stuffing Out of Him!

town research:


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