Catalyst: Part 1

Task one: Sourcing (simply finding a story)


Home for Halloween for ‘VAMPIRE dog’ that looks like cross between Dracula and werewolf

AN ABANDONED dog that looks like a cross between Dracula and a werewolf is heading to a new home this Halloween.
Fangs were bad for unlucky Milo when he arrived at a dogs’ home with teeth more like a vampire than a cute Lhasa Apso.There were fears Milo’s scary features would send potential owners running but his horror story had a happy ending today when we, he headed off his to his new home.

Dogs Trust at Bridgend in Wales had been making a special Halloween appeal for seven-year-old Milo to exorcise any fears that he was a devil dog in disguise.Asking for dog lovers to give the unwanted pet a second chance, the charity sold his good points by describing him as sweet natured, gentle and friendly.

Angela Wetherall, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Bridgend said: “He may bear an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula but he is no bloodhound.
“We are amazed by how much Milo’s teeth resemble vampire fangs. They have certainly become a topic of conversation with staff and visitors.”Just before the witching hour today, a dog lover came forwards and offered Milo the loving home he needs.Angela added today: “We were worried that Milo would struggle to find somewhere due to his unusual features but we are delighted that he has found the loving home he deserves. He is so sweet-natured.“As much as we all adore Milo at the rehoming centre, nothing compares to a loving home of his own and we know that Milo will enjoy spending his days lapping up plenty of cuddles and curling up on the sofa.”

Task two: Deconstruction and Analysis

  • Theme
  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot


Task Three: Personal Narrative  (200 – 500 words)


Plot Line


The finished Story




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