Exploration 2: Part 2 – Week 2


Part 2, titled as ‘IMAGE MAKER’ was handed out to us on Monday 10th October. It requested us in phase 1, to focus on two subjects out of our three initial ones. I chose the bird house and the cigarette machine. Phase 2 started on Wednesday 12th October and set the task to pick from each subject two areas of research and extend this on the four. The bird house split into non-prescription medicament abuse and the dying species due to rubbish we humans produce. The cigarette machine let me to the feeling of the independent woman felt when they smoked and hands and what we can do with them when we do not smoke.

During the beginning of the week, I struggled to find my focus. I looked at numerology, fairy tales such as the sleeping beauty and snow white. The letter lets me look at their common features such as the sleep/death like sleep. I thought about a comatose state of humans either the one of medical background or the one when someone takes to many drugs and drifts in a state of unconsciousness. This finally led me to the drug abuse.

Easier it was to define the second area of the subject ‘bird house’, the fact that we humans have such a great effect on nature and the ecosystem and all their organisms, made me want to focus on a related topic. That the human population kills more and more animals, trough agriculture, mining, pollution and the climate change which we have a main effect on. I read about the reason why pigeons loose their feet and why seabirds die of the stomach full of plastic waste which they mistook as food. I researched a lot about these reasons, how to prevent any more trouble.

The subject ‘Cigarette Machine’ was easier to define than the first one. My research split from the beginning in two clear areas, in which I was interested. The first was the fact that cigarette brands advertised in the early 20th with the slogan ‘torches of freedom’ for cigarettes, to convince a woman to smoke. Before that point it was inappropriate for them to do so, it was seen as something corrupted an immoral act of rebellion. However, with the movement of the suffragettes, the cigarette became a symbol of freedom, I dependency, glamour and rebellion. What really caught me with this topic was the irrational believe that something that makes you absolutely addicted creates a feel of independently and freedom. The sentence ‘A cigarette creates an air of self-sufficiency: With a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other a woman has no need of a man’s hand to hold’ became a key element of my project.

The second area I found myself interested in were the hands themselves. I found a psychological study, which said that a specific way to hold a cigarette tells much about the smoker itself. I started to be interested in this theory, due to the fact that I don’t smoke myself I never thought about how to hold a cigarette. However, no I notice the different types of positionings of it in the hands of smokers on the street or in front the university. I started thinking what a terrible habit smoking was and how bad it is for the lungs, but also for the hands themselves. They are always in direct contact with the poisoning. Hands are our tools without them we are nothing, we shouldn’t poisoning them, they are there to create not to kill. Smokers could make more use of them if they would not have to hold a cigarette. This is the last topic I looked at for the second Part of the project.






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