Forms and Adaptations

A Graphic Novel we care about


The graphic novel ‘Sharaz-De: Tales of the Arabian Nights’ was
illustrated by the Italian comic artist Sergio Toppi, the book (hardcover)
was published in 2013 by Archaia. However, the book already exists since 1979 in Italian and was just republished and translated by the publisher. It is an adaptation of the book series ‘1001 Arabian Nights’. The comic depicts a collection of tales inspired by the classic, about the main female character Sharaz-De, which is forced to spin every night tales for her barbaric and violent king. If she would fail in here task and her master would become tired and bored of her, she would be executed. So she finds herself every night in the bedroom of him, telling him stories about risks, adventures, treasures, spirits, and barbaric robbers.

“An extraordinary work of breathtaking beauty.”
-La Lettre

What is mainly interesting about the book, despite its highly detailed illustrations are the stories itself. More precise the characters and heroes: the heroes are the woman, poor people or people in general from the ‘underclass’. On the contrary, the Foyle who ‘lose’ are always the powerful ones.
The main audience is for this Novel is everyone who likes highly detailed ink drawings and epic stories about supernatural creatures, royalty and a twisted, thrilling story. There is no such thing as a specific age group for this book, it is for the young and the old.
The critical response is just a confirmation for the previous written they were more than positive, La Lettre commented on the novel that it was ‘[a]n extraordinary work of breathtaking beauty.’.





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