The finsihed model

Consisting out of a centre part (the reality) and ve outer compartments (individual unique virtual dream worlds).

The model as the compleated whole piece shows ve different dreams/virtual realities, their function the escape from the reality is. All dreamworlds border on a pentagram like base on which the model of the reality (the city inside the cliffs) rests on, this part shows the outside as well as a part of how the inside of this town might look. Which was visualised by a cross-section like a side of one of the sides of the model.

Each of the compartments made up on
the same base – which builds when moved together a bigger pentagram, so that is vitally clear that they belong together even if the differ match in their appearance. However, they arise from the same source and contain all a pod-like object through which they enter the escape.

Each of the individual parts made from the imagination and desires of one of my group members and one was made by myself. Based on all my research I created a dream world that is made to change, engage with the maker to design and build more objects.

The predominantly colour is green, a colour that should support the primary purpose of this escape world, make the user feel calm and peaceful – consonant with him/herself, animals and nature. Which I achieved

by the included knowledge sources (books and music) and by the natural elements (plants, water and animals).

The dreamer should feel safe and protected, nothing should harm or happen to him in this environment.


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