Finished video

The video starts with the title “Bloodtopia” and the logo/ ag we invented for this world, showing all the eight blood groups in a circle a red blood cell – which works as well as an escape unit. While the ‘better’ blood types (0-,0+, A- and B-) build the upper half circle do the other four (A+, B-, AB- and AB+) make the bottom half, we used not only a hierarchy distinction but also one through colours.

The better types got a brighter red than the ‘worse’ ones, however through the circle do they communicate the connection to one common subject – rely on each other.

We choose the title “Bloodtopia” because we thought it could understand as both a utopia or dystopia, depending on the view of the watcher.

The title/beginning sequence followed by the rotating earth ball, which I made during my experimentation time for the video.
I underlaid this part with the sound of a breathing heart, which each heartbeat the earth moves. I decided to use the heartbeat because it relates the earthball – showing the dystopian and post-apocalyptic surface to the blood theme. As well because it translated the dependency of the surviving humans on their blood; without their blood the earth stops rotating for them – their heart will stop beating.

That and the next part connected by a sequence which is quite abstract, showing black and red dash lights and screens compared with an atmospheric and calming music. The series should communicate the inside of the human veins filled with blood, the noise of the low and the time in between donations or at a donation and the recovery time.

The mentioned next part shows several humans in protective suits, wearing gas
masks and walking around with heavy steps and breathing, all in front the backdrop of
an advanced city. The drawing copied in
after we filmed the people in front of a green screen with the suits and gas masks. By using after effects, we multiplied the actors and switched the backdrop. We also added noise and dust to support the dystopian feeling and appearance of the painting – which shows the destroyed cities. The cities that were once our homes, now sink in dust and smog and rotten under nuclear waste. The colours of this part are as the others in red scales to support the blood topic and keep the viewer reminded of this central theme.

Howling wind and the heavy breathing of a human beeing using a gas mask is the sound for this scene. We used the gas mask sound to highlight the toxic and nuclear-infested outworld. The wind noise should support the fact of this unused and space which once fully crowded by buzzy people running from one appointment to the other.

Continuing by a sequence illustrated by Clarisse, showing the part of our world where the citizen received their reward for their work and blood donation. The screen showed a parson from the previous part – wearing protection suit and gas mask – entering
the escape unit. It should show our idea of the Utopian virtual reality after all the work occurs to be done for the day the people are free to go and rest/ escape the reality for some hours, refreshing their minds, forgetting the sad world they need to live.

The next part also by Clarisse shows people in bubbles, which stand as a representation for the floating minds of the users of the escape units. The calming and atmospheric sound should help the viewer to understand the fact that, the body stay in the pods and that the people transfer into another world – that it is their mind which escapes. The colours of this sequence are significantly different, the white background with the bright and colourful

bubbles bring a smooth and light appearance with them. The whole scenery

was planned to look dreamy and surreal, showing this process of the move of the mind, without beeing to technical or computerised. Supported by a calming sound and the slow movement of the bubbles owing without
any restriction through the endless space of nothing, which can be filled with whatever
the escape imagine.

The final part continues with an abstract sound and shows several objects of different virtual dream worlds (out of the model) next to each other. This Sequence should show the differences of the dreams, hopes and wishes of people – everyone believes in other things, for everyone does the perfect world look different. This shot was an important one for us, due to that this was our starting point,
we all got different backgrounds, inspiration searches and desires so why should we have the same ideas of a utopia? However, we found some common elements, for all of us – such as creation, colour and nature elements. To make it clear that these parts play within dreams, we used a blurry lter over the
video and slowed the camera movement and zoomed down to slow down the speed.


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