The Brief titled ‘Free Fall From the Edge of Space (Vol.3)’ was multi-partitioned into three main parts, labelled A, B and C. Part A titled ‘MANIFESTO’ set the task to do investigate on manifestos, followed by presenting our personal one. Which should reflect our views and thoughts as artist and citizen. It could be a response or a reaction to something we feel moved. The second part called ‘MANIFESTO + PROCESS’ built on the first one, asked to think about how we want to engage with others, where would meet, what our sign would be and so on. We should adopt different methods – explore and experiment.
Part C headed as ‘Manifesto + You Audience’, demand
to produce a ‘Press Pack’ consisting of five different outcomes, of which one must be a recording, another one a bounded constitution, the rest was free to choose. All of the five results should fit in an appropriate vessel.

My ‘Press Pack’ informs the user about the importance of critical thinking, consisting of the recording, ‘the guide to critical thinking’, six little booklets, the office kit (a cup, mouse pad and a key fob) and a poster.


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