Reserach for the Model: The “Papier-theater”

Also known as paper theatre, toy theatre or model theatre, is a small stage made out of paper, on which the technical variety of a real size stage can be tested or imitated.

Around 1810 did these model theatres appear in Germany and England at about the same time. The printed cards, which had to be cut out first, were part of the Biedermeier period of the 19th century. Precursor were die paper strips, zograscopes with spectacular scenes. As an essential element of the romantic period, could it nearly be found in every home.

As it example – the ‘big theatre’ – does the paper version as well got a proscenium arch and curtains. Often did the theatre showed famous backdrops. Furthermore, where more than one backdrop and figures needed for the play. Todays most common figure handling is the handling from the side. Where by the figures are slid in or out from the side, through the setting alley as singles or groups. Fore the audience dose this look like a movement of the figures and can help to highlight key elements of the play. Yet figures can also be dropped from the top or slide in from the bottom.

The text was commonly freely spoken, today it is mostly recorded and replayed during the acts.



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