Booklets: “The 5 W’s + How”

The booklets should fulfill the task that the reader and user understands and remembers the 6 Critical Questions as quick as possible, through short explanations, questions and simple and education but at the same time ‘nice’ illustartions.

Each booklet got:

  • the same cover page explaining ‘the 5 W’s and how’, on grey paper which is the same as the one in the inside of the box.
  • a introduction, a brief overview of the topic. Each page number tag
    is coloured in red and each page spread got the headline in a corner.

  • a number on its black cover, the order is the same as the on in
    the publication.

    On the rest of the pages are inspiring and explanation questions for the user who can now then change the way he experience his or her own environment.

The 6 booklets, got a wrap around to hold them together. With the contents of the booklets printed on there.

I decided to keep them as simple but detailed enough that the reader understands the massage but that they do not dominate or take the focus away from the written parts.


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