Befor the critical thinking and why I changed my manifesto

Before I decided to change my manifesto, I did something as a 10 Rules/Bullet list.
Things which were important for myself and I wanted to encourrage others to do the same to make them more aware of what they want in there life, for others and the society we live in.

Yet during Christmas I found it not specific enough as well as I found myself repeating over and over the same thing BEING CRITICAL ABOUT EVERYTHING! And after talking to various of my family members I thought ‘Yes we have to think more critical’.

Surprisingly was my younger sister very critical but my grandmother not at all! She grew up in a world and at a time where everyone was accepting the world and the circumstances as they where. Today we learn in school to ask, to be skeptical to not believe in everything.

Thats why I decided to change my manifesto and why I made it not just accessible for children or adults or any specific generation, nether to simplified nor to hard or academic. EVERYONE should be able to think critical so EVERYONE should be able to understand my manifesto.

However, I want to show what my first idea was, I made a book and a logo which should promote my beliefs and ideas.





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