There is a new update for your brain available


This morning we had a group session with the whole course, we had the chance to look at sketchbooks of other students to get an idea of there manifestos, outcomes and ideas. As well as that we had the chance to talk to other tutors which was not ours. I used the chance to talk to Zak, who is responsible for all the digital ‘stuff’. 

I was struggling with my video, I did all the illustrations, every little picture for the video and I’ve put them together in 10 little ‘Gifs’. Yet they did not play very well, they stopped when they should not stop, they where to fast… yeah you know… so I ask for some advice, because I was thinking I did something wrong. In fact and to my amazement were my gifs absolutely okay, but Zac told me to export the fils as video files rather then gifs – it would make it a lot easier to make a real movie out of the little bits.

No sooner said than done! From .gif to .mp4 and then imported into iMovie…. and?!

YES IT WORKED! (thanks Zak)

The first half of my video which I’m making for my current project ‘Manifesto’ is finished, is is all about critical thinking, education and to use the brain that you’ve got! It is one of the 5 outcomes we have to produce for this project and I’m still working on my video-making-skills I’m a real ‘newbie’ when it comes to animation, stop motion movies and everything else out there, but my basic idea is to present the human brain as a program as you could probably find it on a computer, that needs updates, develops, learns and grows in its data size. Here we go approx. 50% of the video is finished, I will keep you of course up to date, this is war I have until now. Enjoy!



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