A constant Reminder

The three parts set to support ‘critical thinking’ in the workplace.

My intention with this set is to promote critical thinking were ever you are, whatever you do and with whom ever you are at this moment. The set is made out of three objects, each fulfills the same task, reminding the owner and maybe even his involvement to think more critically, more reflective about the surrounding. I focused on adults here because I discovered that especially here is a lack of this skill to find. ‘Older generations’ learned that they should accept things more easily, and even if not it this the group of people who can change the most, the normal working women or men. Another thing I discovered was that in schools today teachers, teach children to think more critically, so I thought it was more important to engage with those who did not have this education possibilities.

Back to the set, it contains as already mentioned the things which are:

1. The rose tinned glasses as a key fob

2. A mouse pad with a illustrations on there, explaining the ‘pinch of salt’

3. And a mug with a brain



In the following I will present each object end explain its task and my intention.

The rose-tinted glasses aka.’to look at something through rose-tinted glasses’, is an idiom describing a very optimistic perception of something or/and a positive opinion of something. In brief does it means to see something in a positive way and often thinking of it as better than it actually is. My idea behind these glasses are that if someone leaves their desk, maybe going home, or doing their shopping for the week or for the office, every time if they unlock a door they are reminded to be critical about your surroundings. another Thing I had in mind producing these ways, because they are ‘real size’ especially children are interested in them, they might start playing with them and start asking.


Key fob laser  cutted out of pink 5mm acryl (150mm by 53mm)


The Mouse Pad aka. ‘to take something with a pinch of salt’. Is an idiom which means to listen to a story or an explanation with considerable doubt, skepticism and not take it literally. I illustrated this idiom and printed it on a mouse mat, so when the set user sits in front of his computer he is always reminded to reflect what he or she reads, sees, or heres in the internet and at work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 13.39.28.png


The mug, aka, YOU’VE GOT A BRAIN START USING IT. The idea behind this piece is that even on your lunch break, if you chat with friends or colleagues you got a reminder with you to use your brain. It should not just be nice on a cup, being a cool accessory, which you use from time to time. NO it should be used every day, developed, taught and ‘full to the brim’ with knowledge and wisdom. SO DINK IT UP! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 13.39.06.png



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