My 1st Video

Manifesto Brief C

The last Part of the Manifesto Projet (aka. Free Fall From the Edge of Space) is all about the MANIFESTO + You Audience.

The last and final task is the concluding part of this project, the task is to develop and producePress Pack/ Media Kit for our manifesto. The pack should be made out of FIVE different outcomes and must be presented in a bespoke container/box/vessel.

  • ONE outcome must be a bound constitution


  • ONE outcome must be a new recording (CD or DVD)
  • the other THREE outcomes are free to choose.

For the new recording I decided to make a STOP MOTION video about:

how the human brain understands/creates/accesses > develops > connects > evaluates ideas/opinions/facts.

Both, video and animation are totally new for me and I struggled a lot with making this first bit of the animation. Firstly, because tools and process are very new to me and I have to read and educate myself first and while making a new step, which takes a lot of time and energy. Secondly, do I struggle with making and creating a interesting storieline for the recording. I do not know where I wannt to go with this video, I know the massage of it *the importance and process of Critical Thinking*, but I do not know how to visualise it yet.

According to that, I just started to get used to the process and the tools, hoping that making will help me to develop and create.

And here we go, the 1st part:

1st try
1st try

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