After creating the ten pattern and structures I wanted to emphasise my vision of connection even clearer, I illustrated a human heart, the most important organ of our body, the organ which keeps us alive and a beehive which is the vessel for the honeycombs, build over a long time period, evolving, going through changes and stages.


Yet, after illustrating the two images I was not happy with the finished stage so I decided to build a combination between heart and beehive in 3D. I used wire mash, plaster and thread to build my object. Leaving the object in a ‘unfinished’ looking stage to emphasizes the fact that everything is in a movement and never finished.


After finishing the object I pinned little bees on it, made of tracing paper with plastic wings that shimmer in the light. The bees which are working on the construction, expand, change, depart and trying to finish what never going is going to be finished as there is always dropping new material from the above. After finishing the object I thought about evolution, such a wonder, such a amazing and wonderful thing that out of nearly nothing there is something so complex and bight is created. So I added a chain of lights inside the object, as a symbol for the long chained connection. As well as for the brightness and vibrant life.



Humans, animals and plants are codependent. Due to the fact that we result all from one source, just changed over time, concerning form and complexity. Consequently, if a chain link brakes away the whole system is off -balance.

Evolution connects everything.


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