During my experimentation stage I looked at ways to preserve time and how to visualise it. I wrote and illustrated a recipe to preserve time and moments. Furthermore, I experimented with honey and the texture of honey itself. Yet, I have been more interested in the idea of what changed through time and what stayed the same, a way to visualise this idea of change and remaining was a video recording of a clock which was spilled with honey and later on frozen. I found out during this project that it is very difficult to freeze honey completely. Conferring to time this idea of unstoppable, progressive movement was very compelling for me. I have decided at this stage to stop experimenting with honey and focusing on evolution, apparently stagnating developments and mutation. I looked at the movement in evolution, which DNA structures stayed (were preserved) and which changed mutated. I looked at joints in DNA between species and theories of evolution.

Preserving time

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my honey experimentation:



I looked at timelapse, timeloops and repetitive images during my researche:



I thought this idea of traveling back in time through a time turner was pretty special and worth a idea of recreating such an object, which did not worked out because of complicity  and time management.






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