CLOCK (TIME) Movies, Music and Artists which inspired me

Sketchbook pages brainstorming of what is time for myself. Dealing with questions like: How do we ‘use’ time and what is it? How to visualise it? What is duration, future, present and past? As well as research on artist as Maybridge, Duchamp, Salvador Dali and Opalka. I also looked at the movies as ‘In Time’, ‘Harry Potter’ ‘Lucy’, books as ‘Momo’ and scientific articles from Einstein and Hawkins in order to see how other artists and people dealt with such an abstract subject as time. Later on, I added the term ‘EVOLUTION’, because I connect this topic very close, more precisely it is the same for me. So I decided to focus my work on this part, also I added a quote from the movie Lucy, which became a key topic in my outcome.



The SciFi movie from 2014 Lucy was a real inspiration for me and for my Project, it is about a young woman who gain access to 100% of her cerebral brain capacity. She can absorb knowledge instantaneously, is able to move objects with her mind, and cannot feel pain and other discomforts. She went through a evolution changing thinking, ideas and lines of thinking and acting of the human world.

especially this particular seen and the quote I took from it:

Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.


The time motive was used also in other movies as Alice in Wonderland, In Time  , in the new Alice through the looking glass time plays a main roll.



Scientists as Einstein inspired me with there theories about Time, even if I did not understand a lot from it this article was really helpful to understand the way time matters:



There are several of artists looking ate time and how to capture time visually, during my research I looked at:

Maybridge and his movement studies

Time = Movement



Duchamps ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’ No. 2 (1912). Oil on canvas. 57 7/8″ x 35 1/8″. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Who had the same idea of Time as Maybridge, that time is movement, change and development

Salvador Dali

‘The Persistence of Memory’

Which always fascinated me, this view of time flowing away…



Not only artists where fascinated from the term time but also musicians, so I listened to:

this specific title was especially interesting but not relevant in my further work.



One thought on “CLOCK (TIME) Movies, Music and Artists which inspired me

  1. […] Sketchbook pages from my third museums, visit for the brief, to the Museum of London. As in previous museums, I captured the interesting parts of the displays. Besides, I collected general information on the museum and exhibition. Especially interesting were the structures and marks in wood and in and on metal as well as the background stories of the artefacts. For me the fact, that artefacts which were created thousands or hundred of years ago changed so little over time, up until the present, really caught me. So I decided to pick pocket watches as my second object. Firstly because they fitted into this idea of change and development and secondly because the idea of time seemed particularly fascinating for me personally at this time, after I had watched the science fiction movie Lucy. […]


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