The search for the lost age-old wisdom

bird 8

Once upon a time a king sent a really intelligent an eager subject to the castle of knowledge. He should study the lost art of printmaking.

Many were sent ahead of him, but no one made his way back home ever.

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The young man plucked up courage and went on his way. Midway between home and the castle he faces an elephant, one of the guarders of the word. And he keeps telling him an advice, it reads as follows:

“Do not focus on the destination, the way is as significant.”

The man gave thanks and continued on his way.

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He reached the castle after three nights and three days of walking. And when he walked through the glass double door, he spot an engraving. There in golden capital letters, was written:


bird 8 3

He walked up the marble steps and found himself in front of the entrance of a maze. The maze was guarded by a very old white bearded man, which now stepped forward and announced this:

“Stop stranger, delay here and listen to my warning! You stand in front of the maze of words, better known as the library of the arts. Since the beginning of time all the wisdom is collected, documented and catalogued here. And since the records began, young men came to make this knowledge there’s own. They enter the maze, go astray and never been seen again. So speak out my son, what are you looking for?”

And the man declared, he is looking for the lost knowledge of printing.

And old man replied: “Well then, you can enter the maze, but mind, stay open minded and like this castle changed, so dose the maze and so dose you. Because nothing stays the same forever.”

And he stepped aside and allowed the young man to pass the gate.

The seeker already found himself lost after a few hours in the maze. He realised he walked around in circuits, lost track of time and date. He start to panic when he came to another fork, but than he reminded himself: there is more than one way to find his way.

And he trusted his instincts, not longer focusing on the exit but rather on his way. And after the next bend he found himself in the open. And there was the old man smiling at him, reaching him a book, the book of the art of printing.

And the finder went back home with the book, knowing now:

Wisdom is not bounded by a location, it is forwarded in stories.



One thought on “The search for the lost age-old wisdom

  1. Hi Charlotte – have you read this story more that once – it is so heavily punctuated with grammatical errors I found it difficult to complete. It does however have the kernel of something very profound – I simply love the last line, is it a quote? have you really shared this search for wisdom in the story?


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